2017 Goals

So I decided to try blogging.. I started instagramming my runs midway through last year with some hesitation, but found it to be a great experience! The community is like being on a team and I love sharing/learning about new workouts, gear, and races. Now that I’m trying to get more serious about running again I want a place I can write a bit more than a short picture caption (in case anything exciting happens!)

Some 2017 Goals
Half Marathon PR – 1:39:44
I ran my first half in 2013 mostly on a whim. It was during XC season (the day after a meet actually) so I didn’t do much extra training as I wasn’t technically supposed to run races outside of conference. It felt AMAZING! It is also still my PR..
Since then I’ve only run three other halfs, all this year and all without much training. Granted, I planned to run them all with friends for their first ever half and wanted to actually run with them, but I still know I could do better and plan to this year!

Half Marathon Pacer
I want to be a half marathon pacer at some point this year. I really enjoy seeing other people enjoy running as well and reach their goals. Plus, staying at a constant pace is one of my biggest issues. I tend to just run how I feel, which is sometimes going out way too hard and then dying off. I would absolutely need to know I was capable of staying at a pace before I’d feel comfortable with other people relying on my pacing skills, so I think training to be a pacer would be really good for me.

First Marathon
Right now this one seems kind of out of grasp since I’m just trying to get settled into a daily running schedule, but I think once I manage that everything might just fall into place.

Speed workouts/Schedule
Being on a team for so long spoiled me. Everything was planned out for me and was seemingly out of my control. When Coach chose a workout I hated on a particularly bad day there was nothing I could do about it but run the workout. Now it’s just me not really knowing how to create a good training schedule (you mean I should have been paying attention all those years??!) and being able to make excuses to break any schedule I manage to create.
I actually started the Challengeville tinman challenge for January and just the daily mileage schedule and their checking up on me has been enough to keep me motivated to follow the plan so far.
But I also know how awesome speed workouts feel (*once your’re done) so I eventually need to get/make some kind of plan with speed work involved.

Core/Strength/Other Sports
Again, it’s hard to find time to do add other activities to your schedule when you are already having problems finding time for your main activity, but I also know I tend to slightly avoid anything besides running. I enjoy core, but strongly dislike straight strength training so I want to get back to doing other activities that I enjoy that just happen to involve strength training (like pole dancing!).

Morning Runs
Pretty sure I can blame laziness for this one since a few years back I got up at 4/5 AM and ran 10 miles before work regularly with almost the same work/life schedule. I have recently found out night runs are kind of awesome but also need to start being able to eat dinner at a reasonable time.

1000 miles
This year I only ran 446.98, but that was also without much of a goal planned for majority of the year. A 1000 miles a year is only 2.74 per day, totally doable!
(I’d also LOVE to get to 2017 miles, but we’ll see how 1000 is looking after the first month of the year first.)

Race More
It’s nice have an end goal in mind to keep you motivated while training. I’ve been compiling a list throughout 2016 of all the cool races people posted on Instagram that I missed and definitely will attempt for 2017. Maybe I’ll review and post that list soon for any other runners in the area to be informed of some neat races ahead of time!

Run Streak
Too bad I never logged miles (I just ran them) until late into college because I’m sure I would have had some killer run streaks beforehand. I just think run streaks are neat and it’s always been my dream to end up that kick ass 80 year old lady who hasn’t missed a day of running for 10 years.

Run to Work
Not really a crazy goal since it’s only about 7 miles, but just something I’ve been waiting for the right day for since I found out my work has working showers. This was also an item on my bucket list, but I totally didn’t think it would be achievable at my very first job (especially as a Software Engineer for a tech company).

More Trail/Grass Runs
Another thing I slightly avoid (because it’s not my strong suit). The mushier the surface, the slower I go so I kind of love the road and grass is the bane of my existence. Trails are great because they are so pretty that usually can motivate me to run them a bit more, but I avoid grass like the plague even thought I know I shouldn’t. I’d like to incorporate workouts on grass (like my old coach) so that when I’m back on road it’s a piece of cake.

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