Marathon Training: Week 1

So I finally decided to sign up for a full marathon! It’s been on my to do list for awhile now and I recently (after getting some books with actual training plans just to check out) realized that starting a training schedule now would have me racing right before the end of the year! After comparing Higdon, Hanson, and a few other popular training schedules, I decided Hanson’s methodology seemed really similar to my old Coach’s (that worked really well for me)! Now my only issue is deciding between the “advanced” and “beginner” schedules. Which in the end I think I’m going to do a mix since they are realistically the exact same except slight variance on mileage on easy days and the beginner schedule really eases you into things.

[Day 1] Monday, August 21
Easy 4 MI (@ 9:02-9:45)

Damn, has it been hot and humid! Monday was no exception. I had a wake to attend Sunday and funeral early Monday so I didn’t get my run in until after all those tiresome hours in heels. Needless to say I was already exhausted at the very start of my run and pretty glad it was only day 1 and called for an easy 4 miles (1-2 minutes slower than race pace). I didn’t have my planned pace nailed down exactly yet so I ended up fast.
4.08 mi @ 8:19

[Day 2] Tuesday, August 22
Tempo 4 MI (@ 8:01)

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more humid it did. Tuesday was 94% and the air was so densely filled with water droplets that it felt like it was raining as I ran through them. It was super windy too, but it was the least refreshing wind ever. After the last few trial days I was worried about hitting 8 minute pace for 4 miles, but it ended up being decently easy!! Definitely a confidence booster 😎 Now just got to get my pace down exactly. Pacing has always been a challenge for me so tempos are going to be important!
4.08 mi @ 7:48 [7:53, 7:53, 7:47, 7:43]

[Day 3] Wednesday, August 23
Having scheduled rest days again is weird. Didn’t get much rest though since the basement flooded and we had to spend all evening cleaning that up 😑

[Day 4] Thursday, August 24
Easy 4 MI (@ 9:02-9:45)

I might have to turn off days into extremely easy days just to still get my legs moving because they seem to be sore on Thursday from lack of activity Wednesday. Thursday I was still debating doing the beginner easy 4 versus the advanced tempo all day. But my arch was acting up and my stomach started sloshing like crazy soon as I started running so I decided to stick to the beginner schedule. It’s REALLY nice to have a schedule telling me to take easy days. I generally have a really hard time not feeling bad if I don’t give every run my all so it’s nice to be instructed to chill.
4.11 mi @ 8:26

[Day 5] Friday, August 25
Tempo 4 MI (@ 8:01)
My new non-running shoes came in Thursday night so I got to try them out at work Friday! My feet instantly felt infinitely better so I think my arch issue may have just been old shoes.. oops. I was extremely tired all day, but at the first mile my Garmin told me I actually was just a few seconds off tempo pace so I decided to “make up” the tempo I was debating yesterday.
4.11 mi @ 7:51 [8:09, 7:53, 7:51, 7:39]

[Day 6] Saturday, August 26
Easy 4 MI (@ 9:02-9:45)

Went to the park with my boyfriend and his friend to walk around and do some Pokemon hunting. While there, we stopped by one of my favorite Chinese restaurants that has DELICIOUS gluten free options. Since I don’t get it super often I stuffed my face a bit too much and felt ultra heavy and sluggish later on my run. Still got it done though!
4.10 mi @ 8:26

[Day 7] Sunday, August 27
Easy 5 MI (@ 9:02-9:45)

Sunday I was bad and didn’t end up running. A friend came over to visit and I thought I would have time to run afterwards. I’m still working out this having an actual training schedule thing, but am determined to not miss anymore days!

Weekly Total: 20.49 miles