Marathon Training: Week 2

[Day 8] Monday, August 28

Since I didn’t run the scheduled 5 miles on Sunday I felt I should probably make up some mileage Monday. I actually managed to get up and run in the AM and it was AWESOME! I used to frequently get up at 5AM to run 5 or 10 miles with friends, but since they’ve been away at school I’ve had a hard time prying myself out of bed to run alone. But AM running is totally worth it. It was so nice and cool! PLUS I was barely awake to notice I was running, so if you don’t enjoy running, just do it in your sleep as a zombie 😉 Also once I woke up fully I was so much more awake and energized than normal! Only problem was after the run my foot was acting up quite a bit. After work I ran again, but this time just a slow short one with my boyfriend since he needs to train for the Rugged Maniac and I didn’t feel so well. My foot was fine after the second run!
AM: 4.09 mi @ 8:28
PM: 2.01 mi @ 13:19

[Day 9] Tuesday, August 29
Easy 5 MI (@9:02-9:45)

Tuesday’s run was pretty awful. My foot really hurt and then I think I started running with poor form making my legs hurt too.
5.27 mi @ 8:39

[Day 10] Wednesday, August 30

Rest daaaaay! Just stuck to resting since my foot felt so bad last run.

[Day 11] Thursday, August 31
Easy 3 MI (@9:02-9:45)

On Thursday my foot was still off so I was glad that I was only scheduled for 3 miles.
3.27 mi @ 8:21

[Day 12] Friday, September 1
Easy 3 MI (@9:02-9:45)

By Friday I decided I needed to try something different and broke out my old running shoes. I was hoping that while more worn down, they might be worn down in a more correct manner than my current ones since I had worn my current ones when my ankle was sprained and super swollen. It definitely seemed to work because I actually felt good enough to pick up the pace!
3.28 mi @ 7:47 [7:48, 7:58, 7:41]

[Day 13] Saturday, September 2
Easy 5 MI (@9:02-9:45)

Saturday I ran in my old shoes again and my foot went back to hurting a little. Still significantly better than with my current shoes, but not 100%.
5.17 mi @ 8:25

[Day 14] Sunday, September 3
Easy 5 MI (@9:02-9:45)

Although the weather channel promised it wouldn’t start until 5 PM, it rained all day Sunday. It was a really light misting when I started off but by the end it had increased slowly into pretty heavy rain. Most of the first half my foot felt pretty awful, but got better the second half.
5.16 mi @ 8:31

Weekly Mileage: 28.24

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