Marathon Training: Week 3

[Day 15] Monday, September 4

Monday I decided to take the scheduled rest day and wait for my new new shoes to come in! (They were scheduled for Tuesday). I didn’t want to just sit around though so I went to the nearby college to do some walking and Pokemon catching. I knew they had a paved path around the pond, but also discovered they have a little wooded trail! Will definitely have to go back there for a run!

[Day 16] Tuesday, September 5
Easy 5 MI (@9:02-9:45)

Tuesday I conveniently had my yearly doctors appointment and mentioned my foot. He referred me to an Orthopedic, but told me in his opinion I just wasn’t warming the muscles and tendons up enough. That seemed fair since I need usually just static stretch. I know.. bad, but I just wanna run! Anyway, I went home to my new shoes after work, heated my foot, stretched, and tried to do a bit more moving than usual before heading out. The first half my foot didn’t feel great again and it had me kind of down since I really had hoped it was just my shoes. The second half was much better but with my foot having hurt the whole first half I was already out of wack so the whole run was kind of blah. I ended in a pretty bad mood and it didn’t occur to me until taking to my friend that my doctor was probably right and my foot was still just warming up during the first half of my run. That definitely made me feel better, but I’m not quite sure what to do to warm up without causing pain that’ll ruin any activity afterwards 🤔
5.16 mi @ 8:40

[Day 17] Wednesday, September 6

Wednesday I got news that my foot doctor’s appointment was officially scheduled for the 13th. It was a scheduled rest day so that’s what I did! I got Chinese food with my boyfriend and just lazed about ☺️

[Day 18] Thursday, September 7
Easy 4 MI (@9:02-9:45)

I started classes Thursday so didn’t end up running until late. I decided to get serious about warming up and ran ultra slow (actually just the pace I should have been running this whole time 😅) for the beginning. Hm.. my foot didn’t hurt. AND THEN I felt so good I accidentally picked it up! It got dark really quick though and I forgot my headlamp so I had to slow down again to watch my step. My legs felt a bit achy during the second half but I think they just had a hard week last week with all the foot drama. I made sure to do some rolling so they’d hopefully be 100% for FriYAY!
4.08 mi @ 8:54 

[Day 19] Friday, September 8
Easy 5 MI (@9:02-9:45)

So pretty darn sure it was the warm up deal because I started slow again and felt perfectly normal on Friday’s run! I was even able to pick it up at the end when it started down pouring and looking really thunderstormy.
5.18 mi @ 8:16

[Day 20] Saturday, September 9
Easy 4 MI (@9:02-9:45)

I wish I could say I planned Saturday as a rest day but it really was accidently turned into a rest day when plans lasted later than expected. I should honestly know to run in the AM because all my plans end up going late. Going to work on that! For now I had planned to join Strava’s attempt to break the record number of halfs run in a day Sunday so I’ll make up the mileage then.

[Day 21] Sunday, September 10
Easy 6 MI (@9:02-9:45)

The half started off really well (with no foot pain!) but I completely forgot to bring water and slowly became dehydrated. I had planned to run my it and back route 2.5 times (rough for me to begin with since I hate repeating routes) but started thinking it wasn’t going to be enough toward the end. (I’m generally good at math but while running even my simple math skills go completely out the window lmao.) Between dehydration and thinking I was going to have to do even more laps than planned I started freaking out and slowed down to a crawl for the last few miles. Luckily it totally was enough and I was able to participate then chug water like no tomorrow!
13.20 mi @ 9:00

Weekly Total: 27.62

Next week starts speed/strength workouts AND I’m running my Ragnar at the end of the week!!

Thanks for reading!

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