Quick About Me
Hi, I’m Sam! I’m a long time distance runner and Computer Scientist with blue/green hair who loves the outdoors and occasionally pole dances. These are my running adventures!

A bit more..
I have always loved to run. When I was younger I played many other sports mostly for the warm up laps. Then in high school I joined track and XC and running fully took over my life. I met almost all of my best friends that I still talk to today through track.

Ok so technically my job title is Software Engineer but scientist sounds so much cooler!

I now have my master’s degree (also in Computer Science)!!

I really enjoy my field of study and you can often find me being a geek and programming for fun with my boyfriend.

I’m an optimist who is perpetually laughing.

I love neon and bright colors! Blue being my favorite! My brightly colored socks will never match (unless they’re high socks).

Running around (not literal running) outdoors taking pictures is probably my second favorite hobby. Pretty much any sport/physical activity is great in my book! Also reading actual books!

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons because the falling leaves and SNOW!! Plus I’d much rather be cold than warm.

Tacos are the only thing I can cook but that’s fine because I could eat them FOREVER. Luckily I live with my amazing boyfriend/chef who makes sure I have a balanced diet (even though I still think tacos cover all the food groups).

I love animals!

I can’t spell to save my life so sorry in advance..

When I was in preschool I tried to rename myself ‘Chief the Big Dog’ and wore a Dalmatian costume for about 2 years.

Always Be Yourself!

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