Training & Updates 2/11 – 2/17

Happy Friday Guys! Seems I’m really good at waiting almost a whole week late to put out an update.. oops!

This past week was a weird one. Work was busy yet again, but then I took Thursday and Friday off to go crazy for a video game expansion release. Other than Tuesday (IT SNOWED and I got out early so of course I ran in it!) I ended up running insanely late on the treadmill every night, which wasn’t terrible mostly. I even felt good running 5 on the treadmill both Saturday and Sunday!

Monday––2.00 miles / 9:41 pace
TuesdayEasy 5 (9:02-9:41)4.78 miles / 9:59 pace (trail)
Wednesday––2.00 miles / 9:32 pace
ThursdayEasy 33.10 miles / 9:34 pace
FridayEasy 33.00 miles / 9:40 pace
SaturdayEasy 55.00 miles / 9:26 pace
SundayEasy 55 miles / 9:20 pace
Total21 miles24.88 miles

I’ve still been rolling like mad to make sure the treadmill doesn’t get me. I got my Addaday roller in and just like I thought it is just what I needed! Its ball rollers get MUCH deeper than my old grooved stick roller. I’m definitely a fan!

Speaking of recovery, I ordered a pair of slide Oofos because I LOVE my flip flops, but I am a socks-at-all-times kind of person so I needed ones I could wear socks with for maximum coolness. I’m hoping they come in before the Hyannis Half the 24th!

My last bit of running news is just a reminder that I have all my product and race discounts listed on my discount page! I personally love getting little discounts on products/races I’ve been meaning to try so I just wanted to be sure you guys knew!

In Other News

My boyfriend and I finished up our first week of Hello Fresh and seriously love everything about it so far! I will DEFINITELY be doing a write up on it!

One last new thing I did this past week was to finally purchase a sunlight lamp. I’ve been debating it for awhile since my house and office both have sub-optimal window placement so I definitely get less light than in the past and I feel like it’s affecting me mentally. I went over a friends and she had one and was telling me how it actually helps her so I decided to give it a shot!

Run Streak Day: 29

What are your favorite recovery tools?

Have you ever tried a sunlight lamp? Did you like it?

Training & Updates 2/4 – 2/10

Happy Wednesday Guys!

My third week of marathon training didn’t go nearly as well as the first two. Work was extra busy and stressful so by the time I got home each night I was pretty mentally and physically exhausted. In the end it resulted in me cutting it short a few nights later in the week. But since I continued my streak I ended up with about the correct amount of overall mileage 🤷‍♀️

Monday––2.20 miles / 9:42 pace
TuesdayEasy 4 (9:02-9:41)4.16 miles / 9:14 pace
Wednesday––2.00 miles / 9:40 pace
ThursdayEasy 44.08 miles / 9:15 pace
FridayEasy 42.00 miles / 9:40 pace
SaturdayEasy 42.00 miles / 9:37 pace
SundayEasy 53.50 miles / 9:48 pace
Total21 miles19.94 miles

I also need to get better at Instagram. Lately I’ve been super forgetful about pictures and I’d like to be posting daily to go along with my streak. Goals for next week!

Like I said last week, I’ve been stretching and rolling TONS to make sure the treadmill doesn’t kill my legs. My stick roller used to feel insanely bumpy and harsh when I first started using it, but it doesn’t seem to be enough anymore so I’m excited to announce soon I’ll be testing the Addaday Pro Roller with BibRave!

In Other News

I had a relatively exciting week outside the world of running! My boyfriend and I decided to finally give Hello Fresh a go. The first two meals were REALLY good and I have a feeling I might end up writing a stand alone post about the service.

We also went snowshoeing for the first time at Loon Mountain! It was really fun, but the snow was super hard and icy so I’m not sure how much of a real snowshoeing experience we got.


After snowshoeing we were STARVING and our guide recommended a place like 5 minutes down the road so we decided to give it a shot. It ended up being AMAZING!! They had a HUGE gluten “friendly” menu (but knew all about Celiac and cross contamination so it wasn’t the new “gluten free, but not for Celiacs” deal) and everything was SO GOOD!! When we left around dinner rush (we got there at a weird in between meal time) there had to be over 40 groups of people waiting to put their name in and I honestly can’t blame them! If you ever have the chance, definitely give The Common Man a visit!

My Post

I may not have gotten pictures of the actual food because I ate it too fast 😅

After that we went to the Ice Castles (the main event)! I had never been before, but have wanted to go for years. It was very cool (figuratively AND literally 😂)! Now I totally want to go to an ice hotel next!





Run Streak Day: 22

Have you ever been snowshoeing? Did you enjoy it?

Have you ever been to the Ice Castles?

Would you ever go to an ice hotel?

Training & Updates 1/28 – 2/3

Happy Friday Guys!

My second week of marathon training (first full week) was another good one! I was able to stick with my streak, again without it feeling like a lot of effort 🙌 I also was able to steal my boyfriend’s tablet to finally run my first Zwift run(s) on my treadmill! I didn’t realize how much visuals help make a run less boring until I started running facing my basement wall lol It felt SUPER weird and off to just have sound to distract me. Having Zwift’s visuals so I can look around the environment as well as seeing/competing against other runners, bikers, and AI walkers is SO MUCH better! There’s how my week went compared to my training plan:

Monday––3.20 miles / 9:33 pace
TuesdayEasy 2 (9:02-9:41)2.04 miles / 9:50 pace
Wednesday––2.00 miles / 9:37 pace
ThursdayEasy 32.00 miles / 10:59 pace
FridayEasy 33.00 miles / 10:00 pace
SaturdayEasy 33.03 miles / 9:22 pace
SundayEasy 44.07 miles / 9:20 pace
Total15 miles19.24 miles

So I didn’t realize I was actually going slower than planned until now. Somehow I got 10:02 in my head as the slowest pace 🤷‍♀️ (No idea what was up Thursday.. I want to say I logged the time wrong without realizing, but can’t seem to find any of my data from that run to fix it. Oh well!) Either way I’ll just have to pick up the pace from now on, but I am still happy I’ve been taking it easy as I get into running daily. I’ve never had much luck with treadmill running so the fact that my legs still feel good is a good indicator I’m doing something right! I’ve also been making sure to stretch and roll TONS as well. No matter how much I dislike stretching and rolling, I have to say at this point I would recommend suffering through it to anyone with any sort of leg issues. It’s insane how much of a difference it can make.

In other news, I’ve been crushing the step competition! Oh I also found the Adventure feature in the Challenge section of Fitbit and I LOVE it! If you don’t know about it/haven’t tried it out I’d definitely recommend! You choose a path to virtually walk through cool places (right now Yosemite seems to be the only one, but I’d assume they have more at different times) and when you hit certain points you get fun facts and BEAUTIFUL panoramas of the area! You can also do it in Race mode and race friends. Anyway, that was my week! Hope all your’s were good ones too!

Run Streak Day: 14

How do you survive treadmill running mentally and physically?

How’s your training plan going?

Marathon Training: Week 6

Now that I’m done cutting training weeks short with races I’ll start posting weekly updates again! I’ll post about the races soon I swear!!

[Day 36] Monday, September 25
Easy 6 MI (@9:02-9:45)

Monday was SUPER humid and didn’t feel like Fall at all. It was scheduled for easy and after having run the Jamestown Half and Rugged Maniac Saturday I made sure to do so. Even while taking it slow I felt like I had turned to liquid by the end of my run. My Performance Condition went down for the first time since getting my new watch ☹️, but I blame passing by the evil dog’s house because I can guarantee I slowed down my pace and my heart rate went way up all at once (even though the dog wasn’t actually present). My right foot bothered me a bit again. (It started during the half Saturday.)
7.26 mi @ 8:46

[Day 37] Tuesday, September 26
6 x [800 (@7:02), 400 Recovery (@9:02-10:19)]

I felt pretty awful all day Tuesday so I didn’t think a track workout was going to go well or get done at all. The sun is starting to set SO early so I tried going to my high school track instead of college because I had been told they had lights. It was really nice to actually have other people still out and running “with” you since they didn’t have to be insane enough to run in complete darkness. They even had bathrooms right next to the track that they left open at night!!! I actually was so excited about the bathrooms that I used the men’s twice before realizing. 😂 The workout ended up going just fine, but my foot was hurting pretty bad by the end.
800s @ 6:55, 6:56, 6:51, 6:50, 6:54, 6:41
Total : 6.52 mi @ 8:25

[Day 38] Wednesday, September 27

On Wednesday I decided to try using my Kinvara again since it felt like my foot was hurting where my Pegususes had a bump for support. My foot felt somewhat better. It kept misting, making it even more humid than Monday’s run. 🤢 Today was just a day to makeup some miles for my Challengeville Bigfoot challenge so I took it easy.
7.26 mi @ 8:54

[Day 39] Thursday, September 28
Tempo 5 MI (@8:01)

Race pictures for the Jamestown Half came in on Thursday!! Needless to say I was pretty pumped! I wasn’t super feeling the tempo workout scheduled for today. Definitely was a bit of a rough time keeping the pace at points, but did it!
5 mi @ 7:45 [7:50, 7:53, 7:48, 7:44, 7:44]
Total: 7.22 mi @ 8:09

[Day 40] Friday, September 29
Easy 5 MI (@9:02-9:45)

Oh man it actually felt like Fall on Friday!! I got out of work early to run so I could help my boyfriend’s grandparents stomp grapes to make their wine! That also meant I got to do my whole run in daylight 😎. I felt overall better than Thursday and my foot felt better too!
7.24 mi @ 8:27

[Day 41] Saturday, September 30
Easy 6 MI (@9:02-9:45)

I cut Saturday short since I only needed 5 miles to complete the challenge and had extended other days longer than scheduled. I even managed to be the first newbie to complete the Bigfoot Challenge! (Might have been by default.. dunno.. but still counts!)
5.14 mi @ 8:37

[Day 42] Sunday, October 1
Long 10 MI (@8:42)

Felt really good! It was a nice confidence booster to feel so good running 10 miles decently fast, but I couldn’t keep a pace to save my life. It literally felt like every time I tried to slow down I sped up and vise versa. I’m hoping to improve upon that before the marathon since pacing myself early on is going to be pretty important.
10.09 mi @ 8:19

Weekly Total: 50.72

Thanks again for reading!